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Electrical connectivity is a fascinating thing.

No electrical/electronic device works without interconnection technology. Physics, chemistry, materials science, surface technology, environmental factors, experience, everything plays a role here. So you have to know quite a lot to avoid making mistakes. I always found that very exciting.
That's probably why I was allowed to learn mechanics, work in the aerospace industry, and study physical engineering.

Since 1979, I have been active in national and international standards committees for connectors and solderless connection technology.
Collaboration in government funded development projects (3D-MID with -structuring, -metallization, -press-in technology).
And before that, I designed connectors and managed RF connectors and RF components in the field.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the great press-fit technology and this is where we are really at home.
No one in the world can fool us.

When apartments and entire houses burn down due to burning refrigerators, televisions, washing machines, it is regularly due to contact problems or failing solder joints. Cars also break down most frequently because of contact problems. If an electric garden tool fails to work because an inadequately sealed microswitch is full of wood dust and therefore the contacts fail, then that is simply annoying and harmful to the environment (because of a very small part a large one becomes waste). Nobody will repair that.

Knowledge and foresighted design can save a lot of development effort and time. And you get products (including cars) whose service life or use is not limited by failing connections.

If this is also your field and you have the mission to avoid just such problems, then click here now and write to me or call me.


        I will be glad to help you.
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