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A simple system always brings the greatest benefit.

BIZON and WIZON contacts have one simple system for all sizes.

Your benefit as a user of the BIZON or WIZON contacts:

  • We are the experts.
  • We are enthusiastic about the success of correctly designed and correctly applied connection technology.
  • And will also inspire you.
  • We don't just sell you contacts.
  • We provide you with process-safe solutions for your electrical connections.
  • All-round support from the product idea to implementation and testing.
  • Single contacts or in plastic housings.
  • Standard-compliant - state-of-the-art technology

You purchase contact parts or housings with BIZON or WIZON contacts from licensed manufacturers?
Then a license is of no importance to you. You simply buy BIZON contacts and the BIZON technology at market prices from the licensed manufacturer you trust.
License fees do not matter to you.

If you find the BIZON technology interesting, I invite you to browse a little on this page.
That's what I made it for.

Maybe an introduction or application event in your company is also interesting for you?

BIZON license for contact manufacturers     
What advantages and opportunities do you acquire with a BIZON license?        

  • Independence from competitors.
  • You save a lot of time and high costs compared to an own development and can start immediately.
  • Worldwide legal protection through worldwide patenting.
  • Worldwide unique concept of a contact family for all contact sizes and requirements, not just another press-fit contact.
  • If you can manufacture one BIZON contact, you can manufacture them all.
  • Tested and certified quality. Approvals in the automotive sector.
  • Fast adaptation to customer requirements.
  • You get know-how and standardization knowledge from 40 years in connection technology.
  • You appear as a competent supplier and no longer just as a dependent subcontractor.
  • You can advise your customers on the best press-fit contacts for the project and their correct processing. You will receive my support for this at any time.

Any questions?

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