References Licence - BIZON-WICON connecting technique

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Press-fit contacts are independent electromechanical functional elements for which product liability is assumed.

Manufacturers of stamped and bent parts acquire knowledge, capability and legal security for the manufacture and sale of BIZON press-fit contacts with a licence.
The basic knowledge is conveyed in an introductory seminar.

The BIZON-contact and WIZON-contacts are protected with several patents in the most important countries worldwide.
Base patent: PCT/EP2005/005824
Patentee is Andreas Veigel

Hella, Infineon, Danfoss, ZF, Semikron, Eberspächer Controls, Continental, Magna, Hanon, Leoni

Know-how transfer and technical support

The purchaser receives full support from contact design, tool design and manufacturing
to a certified, own BIZON contact, or as long as he wants.
A confidential documentation and a application guide
for submission to the customer is self-evident.

Licenses may be granted to everyone.

Press-in contacts are defined and protected by many patents in the smallest details. A separate patent or a license is therefore a prerequisite for legally compliant manufacturing and distribution. With a license for the BIZON contact you will get a global legal expenses insurance, know-how and independence of competitors, without considerable expenditure of time for your own development and research.

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