NEW - BIZON-WICON connecting technique

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New BIZON 0.2 and 0,4 with closed tip

Very small contacts are in the lengths so short that they no longer protrude from the circuit board.  
This is an advantage if this supernatant interfere with constuction.

However, a simple optical or tactile presence control is then not possible.
BIZON contacts from 0.2 mm thickness (0.3 mm hole) or more can be produced now with an arbitrarily long tip.
  • Always detectable
  • long pre-guidance, lead-in to the hole
  • no cracks

The BIZON advantages are preserved:
  • no needle eye, no collapsing
  • four defined contact areas
  • full cross section in the hole
  • contact thickness = sheet thickness
  • Rolling direction arbitrary

One principle for all contact sizes:

  •     Square pin divided into two thighs
  •     The smallest contact area in the hole is always the square of the plate thickness
  •     Four symmetrical contact areas
  •     Contact can not collapse even in the limit case (no needle eye)

If the hole is larger (customer request), the contact is enlarged in width.

Small contacts up to 0.6 mm, preferably with closed tip

Larger contacts from 0.6 mm with short length and open tip

The contact thickness is always the same as the sheet thickness.
Contacts and pressfit elements are stackable and punching tapes easy to wind.

The overmolding of the contacts is possible.

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