Relevance cross section in hole - BIZON-WICON connecting technique

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Very high  currents on standard printed circuit boards can be realized if the  printed circuit board is contacted directly next to the power elements.
The copper layer in the hole is very thin. A  uniformly distributed contacting results in a good current distribution  and thus a higher current carrying capacity of the printed circuit  board.

  • large contact cross section and
  • four contact points in the hole, evenly distributed, are a
  • big advantage for the PCB.
  • unrivaled close contact grid results in more contacts in the smallest space.

e.g. 6x BIZON 1.5 in pitch 3.0 mm
Hole diameter 2.0 mm
Total width 19 mm
Current 350 A

A standardized competition comparison with any current shows the advantage of the BIZON contact.
Or double the current with the same PCB area.

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