Insulation displacement? - BIZON-WICON connecting technique

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the clever alternative to insulation displacement contacts for copper wire connections.

The major advantages compared to insulation displacement technology are:

  • small and larger wire diameters can be contacted without wire breakage. 0.04 to >2 mm.
  • the depth of the notch automatically matches the wire diameter because the wire is stretched from a specific notch depth.
  • at least 6 contact points between wire and contact that are resistant to movement and vibration, not just two.
  • no opposite weakening of the wire.
  • vibration resistance. Internal contact points are protected in case of vibration, bending and movement of the wire ends.
  • the small notch points are not subject to dangerous tensile, but desirable compressive stresses.
  • gas-tight and cold-welded contact points.
  • the pre-assembled contact pins can be used by automatic winding machines as a terminal when winding the coils.
  • one contact size can serve a much wider range of wire diameters.
  • more common parts, fewer variants.
  • simple tooling saves costs.
  • suitable for any solid wire that can be wound. Also from cables.

Minimum length of terminal post is approximately 9 x wire diameter with a minimum of 2 full turns. A higher number of turns increases safety.

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