Large and small contacts mixed in the box - BIZON-WICON connecting technique

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Small and large BIZON contacts mixed
on same board

In control devices, often automotive and motor boards, large contacts should be used for the switching currents and small contacts for the signals due to space limitations. These contacts are firmly molded in sealed housings. The associated connector sizes differ quite significantly. In addition, material usage and costs are optimized.

Connector size 8 Pins, BIZON 0.4 Size 4 Pins, BIZON 0.8
Large contacts have a larger overhang than small contacts. For production this has the big disadvantage that the PCB lies at an angle before being pressed in and not all contact tips are already in the hole. The position of the large, robust contacts determines the position of the PCB and the small, more sensitive contacts must look to see how they find their hole.
With the BIZON system the large contacts can be made short and the small ones long. The largest contact is short with integrated short tip and determines the height for the smaller contacts.
Then all contacts have the same tip height and the PCB lies straight before pressing in and all contacts are already safe and easy to check in the holes.

The longer or shorter tip does not change the contact in its properties. The actual press-fit zone remains unchanged.
Existing approvals for the standard contact are therefore not endangered by changing the tip length.

Application examples of equal tip height

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