WIZON-contact - BIZON-WICON connecting technique

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The brand new WIZON contact

The safest wire connection that comes ready from the winding machine
Wire diameter 0.04 to >2.0 mm

No stripping - no crimping - no soldering - no welding - safe.
only press fit printed circuit board

Suitable for high current

Connection is made immediately by the winding machine.
Very simple and safe.

All electromagnetic components such as motors, coils, relays, transformers, etc., can be securely connected to PCBs, pins, flat connectors or busbars in a purely mechanical way using this technology.

Application of the WIZON contact

Insertion hole in plastic body
WIZON contact fixed  
before winding

enamelled wire wound
around the winding area.

Push in on end position
The contact is moved

Press-in of the PCB
- done -
Best direct and gastight contacting from wire to PCB

WIZON short version

If there is not enough space in the depth, the principle can also be reversed.
The contact is fixed in the plastic -injected or pressed in- and the winding is moved.
I will be happy to show how to make this easy in terms of manufacturing technology.
Examble WIZON 0,6, wire 0,15 bis 0,5

The contact size can be scaled as desired. With wire from 0.04 to 2 mm.
Multiple winding

Multiple windings (beginning and end of the motor winding) can be applied. Or even different windings with different wire diameters (e.g. 0.1 and 0.5 mm) on the same contact. The contact length increases accordingly.
Only a thin hole filled with plastic or existing recesses or holes in the sheet metal package are required for holding.  If the contacts are placed there, the length is usually irrelevant.


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