Tests, Qualification - BIZON-WICON connecting technique

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Tests and qualifications
The BIZON-contact is SGS tested and qualified in accordance with the following standards:
IEC 60352-5
Hella Standard
Siemens Standard
with various copper base alloys up to 175 °C,
CuZn36, CuZn30, CuSn6, CuSn8, CuSn0,15, CuNiSi, CuNiSiMg, CuCrSiTi, CuNiSn

For higher temperatures up to 400 °C, Stainless Steel can be used for BIZON contact.
At low currents, the specific conductivity is not important.

All tests were successfully completed.

It is remarkable that the holding force is significantly improved after the load tests.
This means that the quality of the electrical and mechanical connection is improved and not worsened by the load tests.
The typical press-out curve with the characteristic welding tip as a reference value only becomes apparent after about 24 hours.
During this time, the cold weld has approximately developed, but the resin of the PCB has not yet completely relaxed, i.e. has not given way to the contact pressure.
A good press-fit contact should have a higher press-out force than the 24-hour value after all tests have been completed.

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